Thank you to all the wonderful runners of the 2014 TA!


The 2015 Twisted Ankle will be somewhat different than the TA Races in the past. There will be no more marathon OR half marathon. Instead, there will be a Twisted Ankle 30K! Less miles, more miles, less confusion. One race for ALL. Hope to see you at the park next year!

2014 results:

Final Marathon Results
Final Half Results

Proceeds go to Friends of Georgia State Parks.

The Twisted Ankle Trail Run is sanctioned by the

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Quotes from previous Twisted Ankle races:


"Do you think that's a real mullet on that volunteer?"

"I can't talk right now, I'm running a marathon."


"This is a 10K, right?"

"I wasn't expecting this."

"Hey, did I miss the elevator somewhere?"


"How much further to the top?"

"Can I borrow that four wheeler?"

"Damn dam!!!"

Heading up the big hill up to the cars after the race: "Oh no, not another hill!"


" guys definitely set the bar pretty high for all subsequent races. Extremely well organized, fun atmosphere and an all around great time !"

"This is by far my favorite race every year.
Whoever told Runner's World that the ___________was the friendliest marathon in the country, probably ain't run in country like this, and has not run the Twisted Ankle 26.2 - where even the super skinny, fast as hell ultra runners speak to the "middle of the pack" before, DURING and after the race! (now that is the truth and quite quote worthy!)

"You only have two more miles!"